Concept by Stef Veldhuis
Webdesign by Jelle Reith

The Waddenorgel, or Organ of the Wadden Sea, is a sound installation consisting of sixteen organ pipes that react to the gape width and heartbeat of a single mussel lying in the Wadden Sea. The distance between the lower and upper shell of this bivalve determines the harmony of the instrument, whilst the heartbeat provides a continuous rhythmic push and pull. Created in collaboration with the Waddenacademie and the Oerol festival, the Waddenorgel offers new practices of listening in order to get a deeper understanding of the mussel as a vital part of the oceans’ ecosystem. Scientist Katja Phillipart sees the mussel as a canary in a coal mine, because they can detect potentially dangerous water pollution faster than most man-made instruments. Thus, tuning in to the animals behavior gives us a very clear overview of the state of its surroundings.

Waddenorgel is exhibited from 10-06-2022 until 19-06-2022 during the Oerol Festival. The Waddenorgel is created in collaboration with Jelle Reith and with the help of Jaron Smedes van den Berg, Rosa van Walbeek, Marin de Boer, Katja Phillipart, Katharina Alter, Anne Boeschoten, Kapowski and Stinkens Orgelpijpenmakers.